Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michigan Conley Reunion 2012


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scripture Camp and Girl Drama

This last week Coen and Beckett attended scripture camp at church. They loved it and all the ladies who organized it did such a great job. But my favorite part of the week was the romance drama.  

One day a friend texted me to tell me that her daughter told her that Coen and she were boyfriend and girlfriend. I was excited to hear Coen's version of events when I got home. 

Coen told me that Kennidi asked him to be boyfriend girlfriend. 
Me: what did you say?
Coen: I told her we should definitely NOT consider that. But I don't think she understood because she told people we were boyfriend girlfriend. 
(My opinion knowing this little girl- she understood but just continued on with her plan, she knows what she wants and makes it happen, regardless of others opinions. My kind of girl.)
Me: Are you going to talk with her to clarify your feelings?
Coen: No, I'm just going to ignore it until she forgets. (Already handeling things like a man). 

The next day it was so funny to watch Kennidi try to hold his hand and Coen squirming away. Then her little sister declared her love and devotion to Coen and a territorial hand holding contest began. It was so funny! 

I look forward to the years of pre-adolescent boy-girl silliness ahead of us. 

Just because I feel like I should record it, Coen and Beckett's favorite part of the week was going to the temple and the stripling warrior day. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Back to School Night

Today was back to school night for the boys. But first they had their playoff games for their basketball tournament. The school did a great job with this. There was a popcorn machine and they blared We Are the Champions after every 15 min game. What more could you want? Beckett very sweetly asked Alma if he could come so Alma got up at an inhuman hour this morning and went to work early. He still didn't make it in time for Beckett's game but surprised us all by showing up for Coen's

These two boys LOVE basketball. They play every day for hours in our drive way. Coen is actually starting to get aggressive and really go after the ball. 

After basketball we sat and watched a heated four square game while we waited for the BBQ to get ready. Our school has a BBQ before the classrooms open so every one can eat dry hamburgers and visit and play more vicious four square.

This year one of the fourth grade classes set up a "Wax Museum" in the woods. Anyone could walk around and push the characters buttons and they would talk to you. Mostly famous Californians and a few other random famous people. Some of my favorites: Jack London, Ceasar Chavez, Jauqes Cousteau, Julia Morgan, Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford, and Dorthea Lange. I was concerned about why the teacher allowed one of the kids to be Larry Flint, but Coen and Alma pointed out that he was Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt not the porn king pin. Which made a lot more sense. But in my defense the kid was in a wheel chair and had his hair slicked back, wearing a bad suit and had a freakish resemblance to Larry Flint. I should have gotten a picture and then you all would be amazed at the mini hustler. And the little girl below was John Wayne. I took the picture for Andrea so she would have hope for public education and future generations. Andrea you can't tell but under her hat that hair was reddish! Now that I think about it I needed a picture of Cesar Chavez too! He had a serious mustache. 

Then my kids insisted we walk through every single classroom at the school. We even checked out the Kindergarden class room. And per usual the decision was made they would be happy with most any of their possible teachers.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Teddy Bear Parade

One of my favorite days of the year is the Teddy Bear Parade. All the children get to march and celebrate reading. Sadly after thirty years this will be the last year for the parade. I think I live in the most beautiful place. 

Marching past the firehouse, Methodist church in the background.

Coen's class did Sarah Plain and Tall, and inexplicably funny hats.

Jr High Band. The best parades have Jr high bands. And that is one of my favorite houses down town.  

Rowen as Davy Crockett. He always has the best costumes. A boy after my own heart.

Coen and Kathryn

Beckett and his buddies on the way to the parade. You see they walk about 1 1/2 miles to walk two blocks down Broad street.

Cute little mice all ready to walk. 

Memories of Mexico

Here I am, trying to plan our upcoming vacation. Did you know there is nothing this family loves more than planning a vacation? We are leaving for New York in a week. And we are in last minute planning mode. As usual we are making our lists of activities, we want to do and comparing everyone's lists, and trying decide what we can realistically do.  So instead of doing that, or my charts, I am looking at pictures on memoir from our vacation 4 years ago. 

Remember that time I introduced the boys to my need to walk every where, and they learned the phrase death march? 

And Beckett was having NONE of it.

Until he got a nice cold drink.

And then he passed out. 

Good memories.

I am looking forward to making new memories in a few weeks. I love seeing the world with my boys. And because they are too cute here are a few more pictures of these sweet boys.